About Me


Hi there! I’m Lauren. Welcome to my little DIY diary about making our rental our own. “L’amour chez nous” roughly translates to “love at our place”. It’s all about loving where you are now, living it to the fullest, and being able to pack it all up and reuse in the next place.

I have always loved design, but have never seemed to have money to spend on it. I’ve always been saving for something. First it was university, then travel, and now for a home… I didn’t let it go altogether (I certainly prefer spending over saving), but my lifestyle goals forced me to be more creative at home. I strive to DIY as much as I can.

Pro Photos 2

My place is filled with chairs I’ve recovered, pieces I (or my lovely boyfriend) have repainted, and photos that I’ve taken. I find it makes our space more personal, eco-friendly and cost effective.

I am lucky to live with two loves. My boyfriend Shaun and I have been renting together for over a year. Last fall, we added a new member to our duo, Bali! A growing Bernese Mountain dog, she’s an absolute sweetheart, she certainly leaves her

Bali and Imark, not to mention her fur, on our place.

I’d love to chat with you! Find me on Facebook and Pinterest or feel free to leave your say here and I’ll be sure to get back to you.



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