Moving Out of My Dream Apartment

When Shaun and I came home from our travels (you can read a bit about that here) we Entrance on to kitchenscored a gorgeous apartment.

It had so much of what I wanted in an apartment. Ideal location, beautiful hardwood floors, character (it was built around the 50’s), huge (to the tune of 900 sq. ft.), closet space, updated kitchen (dishwasher, ie relationship saver, included) and so. much. light. DSC_0247 As it was our first place together, we basically started from ground zero. Mismatched bits of furniture, hand-me-downs, and second hand finds. It was still a work in progress when we moved, [but you can still see the house tour here].

DSC_0206DSC_0260 DSC_0256

It wasn’t perfect, of course. It was sorely missing counter space in the kitchen, shelving in the closets, and, while it was in a great area, it was also on a very busy street.

The biggest feature missing, however, was to allow pets. Though we were convinced the people across the hall from us had smuggled in a cat, but Shaun had desperately wanted a dog for years. And not just any dog, but a Berner, one of the biggest breeds you can get.

So after a lot of discussion, I finally agreed to give up my adored apartment. I love Shaun, and I firmly believe that to strengthen relationships, you need to consider your partner. Compromise. So compromise I did…


Not only did I move out of my favourite place, I moved out of my favourite area too. I now live in a basement suite, in the ‘burbs, with our Bali Bear. Hardly my ideal situation. That being said, I don’t regret my decision. In fact, I surprisingly fell totally and completely in love with my puppy, something I wasn’t quite expecting… I’m honestly not that much of an animal lover. She brings me joy every day.

Moving here challenges me. I hope to make the most of my time here, and later find an even better place to share with you.


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