The Before Photos: Our Bedroom

The first room I’m working on in this blog needs to be our bedroom. When we moved into our first place, I was especially focused on areas our guests would see. A shower curtain, dining room chairs, furniture for the living room… We really were starting from ground zero. Needless to say, our bedroom was quickly forgotten…


Cheap Ikea lamps (a hand-me-down from my best friend, who got it from a former roommate, who got it from a friend’s girlfriend… the list goes on) and side tables, very little artwork, a plastic bin for all Shaun’s work clothes (though I would never do this, it was a reasonable solution, since it hardly matters if his painting clothes are wrinkled and it contains the paint smells, not to mention his mess) and the ninja turtle lamp. Don’t even get me started on that thing. Ninja TurtlesMy friends, knowing my (possibly picky?) ways, were shocked I even let the thing through the front door. But Shaun loved it, and the rest of our place had already eaten up the rest of my budget for new ones, so it stayed.

All in all, great before photo. We’re now in our basement suite (see more about the move here), so it’s time to get to work on it.

Here’s my list to bring some entirely moveable style to the space:

  1. More attractive storage for Shaun, but something just as easy to help keep clothes off the floor.
  2. New side tables.
  3. Lamps. Clearly.
  4. An upholstered headboard.
  5. Possibly larger artwork for above our heads. We’ll see once the headboard is in.

Now that we’re in a new place, we have another challenge: clothing storage. Our last place had a sizeable closet and a built-in shelving unit: Bedroom closets

When we moved in here, we literally had closes in piles (read: heaps) on the floor. We now have a borrowed and very small interim dresser. So, for a more permanent and practical solution, my last update to add to the list:

6. Large dresser.

I’m feeling motivated! Updates to come…


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