Our Bedroom: Mood Board

Following my last post, here is my inspiration and source list for our updated bedroom.

Bedroom Mood Board

1. Though I didn’t always feel this way, I’m lucky to have a carpenter father. He’s agreed to make me some new nightstands for our room, and I’m hoping for something like this when  it’s completed, from Pottery Barn. I’ll be happy to skip the $400 price tag, and add an additional shelf right underneath the drawer for books. Hopefully this will help control some of the clutter seen in the before picture.

2. To add some earthy texture and storage to my (very white) space, I’d like to add some woven baskets to the bottom shelves. These ones are basics from Ikea for $6 bucks a piece.

3. My sister-in-law inspired me with her revamped steam trunk a while back, (see how she did it here) so I was happily surprised when Shaun’s dad passed his old trunk along to us. I think it will definitely add more style (and more space) than the clear plastic Walmart bin we had before for Shaun’s work gear. I thought for sure I would clean it up a bit, but I now I’m thinking the old style of it might add some more character to an otherwise neutral new room. Opinions are welcome!

4. Oh Anthropologie. Love love love. Somehow they’ve gotten me obsessed with pretty hardware. Colourful ceramic choices are always my favourites, with vintage style crystal knobs at a close second. Unfortunately, at 8-10 dollars each, redoing a piece of furniture with them doesn’t come cheap. I’m thinking that adding one to each side table would be a great way to incorporate these lovely details without breaking the bank.

5. I love adding my own photos to my walls. I took this one at Vandusen Gardens in Vancouver a couple years ago. It’s become my colour inspiration for our bedroom. Using my personal photography is more meaningful for me, cheap, and entirely customizable! Adding unique art helps break out of the I-bought-this-entire-room-Ikea look.

6. I’ve been eyeing these gorgeous classic style lamps from Ikea for a while now. At $50 each, they are more expensive than their other options, I like these because they have clean classic lines that won’t quickly go out of style, add new texture to the design, and don’t scream Ikea. I always find it’s a good idea to invest in certain pieces, especially if they’re classics. Mixing and matching quality pieces with cheap ones adds interest and keeps a home from looking builder basic.

7. I saw these gold birds on Pinterest recently. I’m not sure if I’ll go that way exactly, but I want to add some older looking gold to the room to pick up on the gold from the trunk. Young House Love’s new book has instilled in me the importance of echoing metals to make the use of different ones look intentional. I’ll have the bright polished silver lamps (and possibly some silverupholstery pins to add to the headboard) so I’d like to balance off some gold in the room too.

8.Two things to do (or possibly three) to update our bed. Shaun bought our duvet cover in the last couple years and, being the good saver that he is, wants to make use of it as long as possible. As much as I find the grey a tad bland (and wrinkles too easily for my liking) I do agree with him, and I think the grey would make a nice accent underneath a quilt. It simply needs some added interest though. Goals:

a) Make a crisp white quilt cover to add another texture and warmth to our chilly suite (it is a basement after all)

b) Upholster a headboard, YHL style. I’m still waffling on the fabric for that one… I definitely want a strong geometric pattern, but I can’t decide between stripes, like the one in the photo, or more of a trellis pattern, like these from Fabricana:



c) I may also recover a couple pillows to add to our bed too (much to the bf’s dismay), but we’ll see once the room comes together more.

9. And of course, like I mentioned in my last post, I absolutely need a new LARGE dresser for all our clothing. I’ve searched and searched on craigslist for dresser to bring to life to, but I just don’t think it will work for me. I love smooth drawers too much. This Hemnes Ikea one is functional, and could easily be amped up to a vanity inspired piece with new pulls and a mirror.

What about you? Found any gorgeous fabric to remake a space? Any lovely upholstered headboards in your future? I’d love to hear from you!


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