Bedroom Updates

Our bedroom is finally starting to resemble something I like!

DSC_0309 edited

I switched out our awful hand-me-down lamps for these Ikea ones. I love the reflective, classic clean lines they add to the space. I’m into the chest to add character and to replace the plastic bin we had before, but it will need some other pieces in either the same colour tones or with similar vintage feel to tie it into my very new looking room.

DSC_0323 edited

The most obvious change has to be the white quilt I made. I love how crisp (and wrinkle free!) it is. Since the fabric was the standard width, I needed to add on fabric to make it fit the bed.  I added identical panels to each side, which thankfully aren’t all that visible. I think two lines on the sides are more attractive than one basic one down the middle. To finish off, I simply hemmed each side of the quilt. Quick, easy and much cheaper than buying a whole new duvet cover.

For the time being, I also switched out our bedside tables for others we already had to use until we get our custom made ones (that I am oh-so-excited for).

I’m happy the room’s coming along but it looks… a little… bland. Nothing like a photo to show off how blank your walls are! I think the headboard will make a difference. I tried adding in another couple pillows to see if that would help. (This will have to be strategic, and well worth it for me. Somehow the bf doesn’t quite agree that more pillows are always better…)

DSC_0334Clearly pillows are worth it. I’ll recover them to something bolder.

My to-do list is coming along!

  1. More attractive storage for Shaun.
  2. New side tables.
  3. Lamps.
  4. An upholstered headboard.
  5. Possibly larger artwork for above our heads. We’ll see once the headboard is in.
  6. Large dresser.
  7. New quilt.

Hopefully I’ll have finished the headboard soon and be that much closer to the “after”!


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