Rental Wish List: What to Look for

It’s no secret that the suburbs just aren’t for me. Not at this stage in my life anyhow. (Though honestly, if I could manage, I do think I’d stay the city for years.) Shaun has conceded in moving this spring or summer, so I thought it now would be a good time to crystallize our wish list.

There are some features of a place I can’t change and and in turn just cannot live with. Location, like I said before, and light. I can make do with an old kitchen, little storage, bad paint… (Well, that one’s more of a make my ever indulgent boyfriend do!)

Though most think of a basic wishlist when looking for a place, I find it easier to break it up into level of importance: musts, hopes, and bonus points. I know I won’t find “the perfect place”. This way, I’m clearer on what I’m willing to sacrifice, and not so easily swayed in an later regretted direction.

Here is our list, with some gorgeous Pinterest shots for fun:



Location location location. We want to live in a pedestrian friendly, quick to transit neighbourhood in the city of Vancouver itself. I want to be close to cute coffee shops, restaurants and shopping. (My interest in a city weighs heavily on the quality of their coffee shops. It’s Some believe it’s a bit of a problem… )

Pet friendly. Of course. For our soon-to-be-enormous bernese mountain dog.

Bali on the beach

Big enough for a portable dishwasher. (I do prefer a kitchen with a dishwasher of course, but recently I’ve discovered this is also a viable option. It opens up the limited number of available units for us.)

Parking for Shaun.

One bedroom.

Bright bright bright. Vancouver is known for it’s dark days, and I just can’t stand being indoors without an abundance of natural light.



Fenced in yard space. I love having the freedom to just let Bali out the door whenever she needs to.

Easy access to the outdoors. The idea of going up and down the stairs every she needs to go out doesn’t exactly appeal to me.

Hardwood floors. Easier to clean up, take care of, less SMELLS and clearly prettier than carpet. (As an aside, don’t you just love the gallery wall in this photo?)



Closet and storage space


Bonus points:

Though I want to be close to transit, I’d prefer to be off a main street. Definitely not a deal breaker for us though.

In suite laundry



An updated kitchen


I’ll make sure to keep you posted on the progress, (as searching for a pet-friendly place is a time-consuming challenge!) and the (dreaded) moving process. What about you? What do you look for in a new home? What elements can’t you live without?


5 thoughts on “Rental Wish List: What to Look for

  1. Hey lady! I just found you through the meme blog hop, and I like what I see. that jewelry box tutorial is great, and you two are adorable. Your criteria for a new place are almost identical to mine. we’re hoping to buy a house within a year, and I can’t imagine having no sunshine or dishwasher! a yard is a must for the dogs, though. we have two pomeranians. Anyway, nice blog! I’ll be back. :)

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