Clean out the Paper Clutter: Memo Board

Last week, I tackled yet another source of paper clutter, our mail.  I explained what purpose each section served in our mail sorter: inbox, to do, recycle and so on.

I had also wanted an area for things “To Keep”: paper that didn’t need to be filed away, like take out menus or wedding invitations, or baby announcements (because apparently we’re in that stage of our lives!). I had already planned on making a memo board, so I realized that would be the perfect place to keep and display them!

Make A Memo Board in 15

I started out with two 1’ by 1’ cork boards from Walmart (the same ones I used for our receipts post back in February).

Cork board

I had some leftover fabric from my jewelry box. I cut it to size to just fit past the boards, and gave it a quick press.

I thought about stapling or adhering in way that was more permanent, but I was too impatient. I had purchased some white tacks for the board. Since they were flat, I was able to use them to attach the fabric to the back of the cork board.


I did one side first, the continued pinning around each side so that the fabric was flat and snug against the cork.

To do the corners, I simply folded them like I would a present, and tacked them in place.

Folds finished memo board

And finished my tacking any loose sections along the sides.

Memo board back

Flip it over, and done!

Memo board front

I stuck a velcro command strip to the top board, and carefully mounted the boards to the wall. (I didn’t bother with the bottom one. It hasn’t had any problems just holding on by the fabric.)

Memo board 2

Quick, cheap and easy!

Memo board close up

Now I can post whatever little flyer or bit of info we’d like to keep handy here (especially if it’s too heavy for a fridge magnet).

Memo board close up 2 

It adds a fun bit of visual interest to our hallway too.

Memo board 1

Our bathroom is definitely in need of an update… Nothing like a picture to help you see it through new eyes! I’ll be sure to share a cheap rental “make over” of it in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check back Friday for my favourite finds of the week!

(And if you’re interested… Check out my instagram for some behind the scenes. I’ve finally acquiesced, but it’s definitely a learning process…)

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