What A Gem: This Week’s Five Favourites

This week went by so fast! I guess that’s what happens when you’re racing to finish projects before a Pinterest Challenge :) Here are my top picks of the week!

1. Dip-Dyed Textiles


Painted fabric like these dip dyed pillows seem to be quickly becoming a new trend. I love the pop of colour against the crisp white! Check out this tutorial from Curbly for more pillow inspiration. (In my opinion, you really can never have too many pillows..!)

2. A rental kitchen gets a gleaming new faucet


I love the blogger behind the Manhattan Nest. His straight up writing style (read: he swears a lot!)… Hilarious! This week, he inspired me when he installed a new faucet in his rental kitchen in Brooklyn. If you’re going to be in your apartment for a while, the investment could be worth it.

3. Apartment Therapy: 7 Shopping Tips


I consider myself a pretty knowledgeable shopper… but this list was certainly useful! Check it out.

4. Kitchen nook


There is just so much that I love about the kitchen nook I discovered this week via Belle Maison this week…. The abstract art, the pops of pink against the pale blue, the colourful chairs… It’s so fresh and feminine. I’ve always shied away from pink in my home, but really, why not embrace a few shots of girliness here and there?

5. Ornate Teal Mirror


Admittedly, you may notice a trend in these photos… Teal (turquoise? light blue?) furniture always appeals to me. I think this could make a great DIY. Just spray paint an old ornate mirror to add character and colour to a space.Plus, if you have been considering painting a piece of furniture but aren’t sure about such a bold choice, this allows you to try it without the risk!

There’s my round up for the week! Check back Monday for my newest organization post. My home certainly needs it after the mess my projects left the last few days…



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