What a Gem! This Week’s Favourite Five

Here are my top five finds of from this week:

1. Chris Loves Julia‘s list of Less Traditional Things to Fill a Bare Wall:


I love the idea of displaying photos on a shallow shelf like this. I’ve been brainstorming new ways to display more photos of family and friends in our home, and I think this could be a lovely and casual solution. Plus, the list also included bikes on display:

Though clearly not something I would choose to do, this space pulls it off. One of my closest friends would love to display her bike like this, so I just had to include it!

2. Emily Henderson is quickly becoming one of my favourite designers. Check out her latest master bedroom makeover:


Gorgeous. I would prefer something more feminine myself, but I nevertheless love the crisp white combined with dark indigo and mustard yellow accents.

3. Ceramic Owl Bookends:


I’ve never been one for collections, but if I had to have one, ceramic owls would be it. Maybe because they symbolize wisdom? Or reflect my book-adoring ways? Whatever it is, I may just have to indulge the desire to collect a few more…

4. Glass Jar Typography:


Honestly. For someone who has spent years doodling different fonts, how has this never crossed my mind? So simple, yet so effective.

5. This Coral Infused Bedroom:


Clearly I’ve had bedrooms on the brain this week… Maybe because ours is an utter disaster. It’s on the list. Anyway, I had to add this in for two reasons.

a) The design itself, of course! Sarah did a beautiful job of combining a few different prints, from the wallpaper, to the bedspread, to the bright little pillow. The use of texture in the space is great too: the dark brass nightstand, the airy glass lamp, the grasscloth wallpaper, the nailhead design… Most importantly, it’s a removable feature wall, so renter friendly!

b) I love getting to know the blogger behind the design, and she sounds so lovely and approachable! Her home is gorgeous, and she is even a renter. Now I’m intrigued.

Hope these inspired you as much as they did for me! I will tackle our bedroom… I will tackle our bedroom…

Have a wonderful long weekend to all you Canadian readers out there :)


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