House Tour

Browsing other homes on the internet is one of my favourite pass times. It’s great to look at beautifully designed spaces, but seeing real homes brings so much more… More character, personality, charm… So inspiring because they’re simply more attainable.

Having been in our home for almost two months, I thought it was about time I added a home tour. It is no where near complete, but hopefully this will give you an idea of where it’s headed!


When entering our little home, you’re met with a short hallway and closet. Here is a quick photo before move-in day:


And here’s how it looks after painting the chevron wall, creating a landing strip and setting up a mail sorter:

Chevron Progress


On your left, you hit our bathroom:


And here’s how it looks with our shower curtain and upgraded bathroom mirror:

Bathroom progressMirror After Vertical


On the other side of the hall, you enter the kitchen:

image image

Pretty plain. And small! Here’s how it looks now that we’ve added a cart, installed open shelving, and added extra baskets for storage:

Progress Kitchen

Living room

Through the kitchen, you hit our main living area.


Here’s how it looks with a new gallery wall:

Living room progress

You may notice one room strangely missing… Our bedroom. Honestly, I’ve hardly touched it. Just to complete the tour, here’s our before shot:


Although we of course have our bed, headboard, dresser and so on in there, it’s definitely still… well… in the before stages. Eventually I’ll get there!

Hope you enjoyed my quick home tour! Doesn’t take long to glance through photos of 625 sq ft of space. Be sure to check back as I’ll make sure to update it as our home takes shape!

For a full list of projects, check out my Organize and Projects pages.


5 thoughts on “House Tour

  1. This is nice! Congratulations on all those improvements that really make a difference! It would be even better to imagine if you took your before-after pictures from the same view point/angle (I’ll say it’s an advice I have to apply to my blog as well, in my before after page :-))

  2. Loved the chevron action! I had dreams of a stripped wall/walls thanks to the YHL bathroom, but I have a friend who was strongly against it (and the effort was enough to disencourage me!) Never say never though, right?

      • I think the key is to pick a ‘small’ space, so you’re not totally overwhlemed. Winter’s coming, perhaps next time I have a long weekend of boredom ahead, I can plan to do this!

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