What a Gem! This Week’s Favourite Five

Friday… Finally… The patience my students and I have for school is clearly wearing thin at this time of year! Judging by my choices this week, I’m clearly lusting after clean, calm and airy spaces.

Sorry for the lack of sources in this post… I depended on Pinterest more than I usually do this week.

1. An expansive ornate white mirror:

{source unknown}

If you have been following my on instagram, you may have noticed the (free!) frame my boyfriend picked up for me from his friend’s place. I’m thinking of painting it a lovely crisp white like this one.

2. A picture shelf:


I’m loving the casual look of a picture shelf like this one. Once it’s up, there’s no need to fuss with getting the exact right height like a gallery wall, or worrying about damaging the paint. You can easily switch out the frames, and can add other items for interest like the letters and plants in the photo. I’ll be adding one to our bathroom in the coming weeks…

3. A cute little office:

{source unknown}

Isn’t this little desk corner adorable? The wall organizer is so practical. While you’re working, keep it visible, and when you’re done, anything you don’t want to be reminded of can be easily tucked away behind the curtain!

4. Pink peonies:


I’ve realized recently that one thing my place is missing for me is a bit of glam. Aren’t the mirrors and peonies in this photo so lovely and glamorous?

5. A serene and feminine living and dining area:


I love this space. The muted tones and leaning mirrors and artwork give it a look of understated and casual elegance. It’s feminine without being too pink and girly, and calm without being too bland or boring. 

My inner debate between fresh bright colours and muted neutrals continues. Sometimes I’m all for the vibrant turquoise and yellow tones, and other times I lean towards soft greys and whites. Honestly, it’s an ongoing question for my living room. What’s your favourite scheme? How do you balance colour and neutral in your home?



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