Pretty No-Sew Placemats

We had Shaun’s parents over Saturday for dinner. It was a really nice, low key, casual dinner (I made fish tacos and brownies if you’re curious… yum!). Shaun’s mum appreciates pretty tablescapes as much as I do, so I thought it would be the perfect occasion to make the placemats I had in mind!

Table close up

I like to have placemats to break up some of the white we have in the space. Love white furniture, but white walls, white table, white chairs, white dishes… not so much. My kitchen needed some contrast. We had been using some of Shaun’s old ones and they were looking a little… tired.

Place mats before

Last weekend I was at the fabric store looking for something to cover my pillows and found this great outdoor fabric. Great for pillows, but even better for placemats! Because it’s made for the outdoors, it’s water and stain resistant.


Here’s how I made them:

1. Using my existing mats as a guide, I cut out my fabric, leaving a bit of excess for the hem.

Use your mat as a guide

2. Creating a perfect parallel rectangle was the trickiest part of the project. Again, I used the mat as a guide to create a straight line and 90 degree angle.

Fold sides in sides for a hem

3. After I knew where the hem would be, I ironed each one down.

Iron edges

Tip: It was much easier to use a geometric pattern than a solid colour: I knew my line was straight by following the pattern.

4. Once I finished the sides, I tackled my corners.

Make the corners   

Based on the point where the folded edges intersect, I folded over the corner to create a triangle at a 45 degree angle.

Fold corners

From there, I had a perfect corner hem:

Final corner

5. Following the ironed hemline, I used Aleene’s Fabric tape (the same stuff I used to recover the inside of my jewelry box) to finish off the hems. It’s basically strong double sided tape, no ironing required!

Fabric tape hem

I finished four in less than two hours. Little more than I had anticipated, but the straight lines are worth it!

Finished place mat

Don’t they add a nice pop of colour?New place mats

I especially love how the square lines in the geometric pattern, the dishes and in my yellow hurricane (pot? pottery? What would you call that?) compliment the rounded ones of the table, chairs and pottery in my photo. Plus, the turquoise mats echo the turquoise in the picture!

Set table 2

Total costs for this project:

Fabric tape: Free, since I had some leftover.

Fabric: It was 50% off, so 8 dollars a meter. I only used about half of that, so each mat worked out to about a dollar each.

Total: $4. Cheap cheap cheap!

Table close up

What have you added recently to welcome in summer?

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