Clean Out the Clutter: My Purse

For the past little while, I’ve been on a mission to get rid of my number one clutter culprit: paper. I’ve tackled receipts, important memos, and mail. Who knew that organizing mail with a magazine rack could be so popular? It honestly thrills me every time I see it on another board on Pinterest.

Another area in my life that seems to clog up with paper is my purse. Is it related to our rental? No, not entirely. But, I’m writing about it anyway because it needs to be tackled in this series. You can see why:

Purse before

I dumped my purse belongings this afternoon, and this it what came out of it. Just keeping it real. I hate when my purse gets like this. I had too much in the first place, so it just piled up. I had my laptop, some receipts, teacher thank you cards, business cards, envelopes…It’s embarrassing having to rummage through all that, especially when I’m trying to find my wallet at the till.

What’s more, I have one main purse, but I still like to swap out for my little gym bag, a small across the shoulder purse, a slouchy summer tote… With all that stuff, I inevitably forget an item (often my work keys) in another purse.

As you can see, keeping my bag organized does not always come naturally to me.  I do follow a couple tricks to keep my purse and its belongings manageable:

1. Buy a purse you love. If it’s expensive, even better.

I’ve always purchased cheaper purses. I liked them well enough, but when I splurged on this gorgeous and classic Fossil purse, I was so much more inspired to keep it in tip top shape. I feel like the inside needs to look as put together as the outside.

Fossil bag

2. Use smaller bags to keep it organized. Not only can you find what you’re looking for, it makes it that much easier to switch up purses. Just toss in whatever bag you’ll need.

That idea started with this little make-up bag my lovely friend Laura bought for me in Thailand:


It holds all my essentials: mints and a mini-tooth brush (as I am a coffee fanatic) and a comb to keep my bangs (somewhat) in check. This system worked so well that I picked up three more from the dollar store for only $1.25 each!

New makeup bags

One holds my hygiene items:

Hygiene items

Another my bottles and balms:

Lotions and balms

And the last one my practical items:

Practical bag

Yes, I keep a tape measure in my bag. Why? When I’m shopping for our place, I can easily whip it out to see how big a piece of furniture is. I have the dimensions of each room saved on my phone, so then I can easily refer to it to see if I piece is the right size or not.

3. Make sure everything has a home. The landing strip I created for my sunglasses, keys and umbrella a few months ago has helped enormously with that! I’ve hardly needed to yell “Shaun, have you seen my keys??” before I rush out the door for a while!

4. Count.

Before I leave, one little habit I’ve gotten into over the last number of years is counting my essentials. My number is 4: keys, wallet, phone and either my umbrella or my sunglasses. (My little grey and white shopping bag is a bonus that I like to bring as much as possible to be sustainable :). As my friends and family can attest to, I’m rather forgetful. This way, I’m far less likely to leave my cell at home!

My favourite items

So here’s how my purse is looking now. All of this:

An organized purse  

Is neatly tucked away where I can find it.

Purse on the inside

So pleased my tote is clean and organized! If only I could say the same about our patio


4 thoughts on “Clean Out the Clutter: My Purse

  1. That’s great Lauren – I especially like the tip about counting the essentials. I have a little sticky note at the door that reads: Wallet, phone, keys, kid! Lol!

    Now I’m gonna use your counting method!

    • Cute! I’ve tried using notes, but it doesn’t end up working for me because I tend to ignore things that pop up at like me like that (even little reminders on my phone). All about finding the solution that works for you :)

  2. The other day my friend laughed about how I carried around a mini-toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss in my purse at all times. It comes in useful so often though it’s definitely worth it! Glad to know I’m not the only person out there doing this ;)

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