What a Gem! Favourite Five

The end of June… Wow! I finally see what all the teachers and mums in my life are talking about. School BBQ’s, Father’s Day picnics, end of year parties, graduations, special dinners… Such a busy month. To all of you teachers and mothers reading, happy summer!

This week one of the bloggers I follow, Kirsten, from 6th Street Design School, posted a “Parade of Homes”. So many gorgeous photos that I just had to share a few. The crisp black and white styles were my favourites!

1. The first one that stood out to me was this kitchen.


I love the crisp and modern lines of the white cabinets, industrial stools and chrome lamp against the warm wood floors. One day…

2. This clean and modern office:


The fun pops of yellow are great against the monochromatic black and white scheme. It inspires me to see what patterns and lines work well with chevron too.

3. Continuing on with the black and white theme of the week…


This one is from a fellow Canadian, so I’m of course intrigued. I love her styling here, especially because this is her actual home, not just a room styled to be perfect like the ones above.

4. I clearly have to throw a DIY in. This is a simple trash bin spray painted and turned into a side table. Clever, and you would never know.


5. Not only is it the beginning of summer, but it’s also Canada Day Long Weekend up here in Vancouver. This shot reminds me of a quiet, comfy cabin nestled in the mountains here in BC…


It inspires me to go outside and enjoy warm summer evenings. (Once our rain stops anyhow.) Hope you have a lovely and sunny weekend and to all you Canadians, Happy Canada Day.


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