What a Gem! This Week’s Fave Five

Hello my lovely readers, and Happy Fourth of July to my American friends! Here is my round up of favourite spaces around the blogosphere this week.

1. I’m a sucker for architectural detail and loft ceilings so I was bound to fall in love with this one…


Wouldn’t you love to have an office this open and airy? She does a great job adding in functional organization too with the built in cabinet and desk.

2. 10 Bonus Benefits to Small Space Living:


I needed this post this week. I feel like our storage is bursting at the seams… There is only so much you can fit into 625 sq ft so a purge is very much in order! That being said, I whole-heartedly agree with some of these points… especially about having less to clean. I barely manage in our little space. How some you handle enormous five bedroom homes is beyond me! For you apartment dwellers like me, this might be worth a look.

3. This masculine black and white office is so lovely to look at. The crisp hits of black are so striking.

{source unknown}

4. Kate from Centsational Girl wrote an article on bold and bright accents this week.


It’s a great source of inspiration if you’ve been thinking about adding in some colour but are too scared to take the plunge..!

5. And of course, the last one to show you is this stunning living room by Emily Henderson:


Can I ever get enough of Emily Henderson? I would never think to use a dark blue carpet, but this one looks so rich and luxurious… The sharp geometric lines of the coffee table are great too. As much as her style is a bit too eclectic for me, she’s one of my all-time favourite designers. 

Hope you have a wonderful sunny weekend and see you Monday!


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