Our New Apartment: How Does It Measure Up?

Ugh… We’re clearly in moving mode. Here’s the view of our second bedroom I saw this morning:

moving boxes

Eek. Hopefully that helps you to appreciate your home if you’re nice and settled in when reading this. (Even though we move in March 29th, we’re going to Mexico for a week over my spring break so we’ve already started packing.)

I thought I’d take this time to look at how our new place measures up to our wishlist. Because I’m getting quite obsessed excited about moving, I went to go see our place for a second time to snap some photos and measure out our space (read: take a ton of pictures of each possible corner!). Pardon the Iphone pics; I didn’t want to look too crazy showing up three weeks early to see the landlord with my clunky DSLR slung along my shoulder.

Here was our original list:


Light is one of the number one qualities I look for in an apartment. It is SO important to me. This unit faces south with plenty of large windows, so it scored a 9! Here’s a shot of our living room:


Location: 8/10. It’s easy to get to work, super close to a number of great neighbourhoods, but it isn’t quite as close to shops as it would need to be to score a 10.

Transit: 8/10. Pretty close to our metro system and frequent buses are right around the corner.

Dishwasher: Yes! Apartment sized, but I’m fine with that!


Parking: super cheap municipal parking, so that’s easy too. All in all, it meets our top requirements with flying colours, and that’s why we chose it.


Well… It’s practical, but not as pretty as I would have liked. My biggest sacrifice would be those dated floors. Beige carpet and old lino isn’t exactly my idea of character and style. I’ll have to work on that.

Ease of access to the outside: 8/10


It’s on the ground floor, which was I was hoping for to make life easier with a dog. The photo shown above is the view from our living room. For a home in the city, it also offers a fair bit of privacy and greenery without sacrificing sunlight.


It even has a patio! Great for Bali, my DIY projects, and maybe some summertime entertaining. Too bad our neighbours are hoarding more than a few unsightly items next door… I guess that’s part of high-density living.

Closets and storage: 6/10. There are two good sized closets and a storage locker, but that kitchen is TINYWorking on small space functional storage is another one of my main goals in the space.

Laundry and fireplace: These were bonus points really. There is paid laundry on the floor, and the unit doesn’t have a fireplace. Can’t have everything I suppose.

Cleanliness: 8/10. This was also a big selling feature for me. Even though the apartment isn’t new by any stretch, it’s been really well maintained and cleaned. I’m thinking it will be easier to add style that make up for ill-cared for rooms.

The overall room scores were… average. We’re working with a plain apartment, but hey, blank slate!

Bedroom: 6/10 Decent space and closet, but again, those carpets…


Kitchen and dining: 5/10. The apartment is clean and has newer appliances, but it’s small and the counter and floors have seen better days. I do appreciate the designated “dining” space however.


Living room: 7/10. Nice size, and great windows! Again, here’s my picture:


Bathroom… oh, the bathroom… 4/10.


Very little storage, ugly floors, and that TILE! I thought the toilet was pink too, but thankfully it’s been updated.

All in all, it was a practical choice within our budget, so we took it. Suffice to say, it needs some work, but that will just make for more entertaining blog posts, right? Haha that’s the hope anyway. My two main goals are:

1. Create efficient storage in this small space (it’s less than 650 sq ft.).

2. Add style and charm to my blank slate (and make up for some of those floors!).

To keep the inspiration (and my motivation) during our packing this week, I’ll be posting our to-do list and our mood boards. It will be worth it. It will be worth it. It will be worth it…

What about you? What are you willing to sacrifice? What can’t you live without? Location, space, design?