Organize Under the Sink

Big news in our lives… Shaun’s sister had her baby girl, Charlotte Grace, on Monday! So so sweet. (Feel free to check out Desiree’s blog here.) Needless to say, my week has quickly filled up with family gatherings, so I’ll try to keep my post short!

I thought I’d share a few quick ways of how I organized under our kitchen sink. It’s often an under utilized space, especially since working around the plumbing can be challenging. I wanted to make this my main storage area for our cleaning supplies, so I needed to make the most of it.

Under the sink

First off, I used the vertical space as much as possible. One side holds my oven mitts and broom, the other my duster and laundry bag for dirty cloths.

Vertical Storage

Duster storage

I like to keep my laundry for dirty cloths here too because, by keeping it in the kitchen “zone”, it makes it that much simpler to keep clean. Plus, it encourages me to be more sustainable!

I used a mix of command hooks, nails (I figure if there are already nails here an there in the cupboards, a few more can’t hurt!) and Ikea Grundtal hooks. The Grundtal ones are especially useful because you can easily take them to your next kitchen!

I also wanted to add in some “shelves” but I didn’t want to spend too much cash on a cleaning cupboard. A step stool from the Dollar Store for $2 was a perfect solution!

Cheap shelves

I can easily slide things I use less underneath, like my swiffer cloths, and keep my most often used cleaning products above. (Yes, I know, not sustainable at all. But it is just so much better than pushing dirty water around with a mop!)

I bought another container from the Dollar Store (love the Dollar Store!) for my most used products and a sponge. Cleaning kit

Now,when I clean the bathroom or the kitchen, I just take out the container and bring it along with me as I clean. I have everything I need on hand, and it’s quick to put back in its place (Not to mention how much easier it is to get than reaching blindly to the back of the cupboard for the right bottle!)


We also keep our recycling in here. I purposely bought a small 16 litre container: it fits, and it doesn’t smell up our kitchen because we take it out often!

Finally, I also use a small box to keep our extra sponges, cloths and so on. I like to keep everything corralled together so that I can easily move it to get to the object behind it.

Under the sink


So much for my quick post. Who knew I could write so much about organizing cleaning supplies? I am such. a. dork.

What about you? Any cheap tips you know? Any geeky habits you’d like to share for all to see?