Clean Out the Paper Clutter: Receipts

I can’t stand paper clutter. It’s the one mess that always seems to get the best of me. Dishes, clothes, food… All these things have an obvious home, but for me, paper does not. A few years ago, it was school clutter. Old assignments, essays, drafts, extra notes… I always seemed to have piles to go through. Now, it’s mail. Bills to pay, opened envelopes, flyers, pay stubs.. Ugh. All on my coffee table. It’s a constant irritation.

I need to do something about it. This is the first post of a series that I’ll focus on organizing the random bits of paper that pile up around my house. There, I’ve said it, online for all to see! Now I have no choice but to keep up with it.

Eventually, I would love something like Jen has from I Heart Organizing:


Somewhere to put our keys, sort our mail, keep temporary notes etc. I’d love it, but I don’t want to invest in anything like that right now, and don’t have any available wall space for it, since our front entrance comes right into our kitchen.

Instead, I’ve decided to make use of the vertical space in our cupboards, and tackle an easy one first: receipts. These seem to end up at the bottom of my purse, in my wallet, stuffed up in a heap. I used to try to keep the important ones in a small underneath my jewelry (which you’ll see in my before shot of my plastic “jewelry box“) but I was never able to keep on top of it, and receipts ended up bursting out of place.

I took one of my leftover squares from a memo board I made recently, and came up with this:

Receipts 2

It’s a simple cork board, and I’ve designated sides for myself and for Shaun.Receipts 1

Why it works for us:

1. I keep it in the cupboard beside the front door, and right beside my purse. That way, I can easily take out the receipts I need to keep from my outing, and put them up immediately when I get home.

2. Also, because it’s beside my purse, I can quickly pick out the receipt I need to return something before heading out.

3. Since there isn’t a lot of space and the pins can only hold so many receipts at a time without falling off, I’m forced to go through my receipts periodically (instead of having them hidden away and pilling up in a drawer).

4. I attached it using these 3M refill strips:

I ADORE their products. Super easy hanging and I can easily take it down when we move (soon, fingers crossed…).

5. If ever this system doesn’t work for us in the new place, I can easily reuse the board for something different. Win-win!