Make Your Website Your Own: My Top 3 Beginner Blogger Help Sites

So clearly you can tell that I love to DIY, but I only recently discovered how much I would like to DIY my own website! Unique web designs can be so expensive, so I’ve been on the hunt to learn as much as I can do it myself. It’s still a work in progress (this is QUITE the learning curve for me) but I’ve already discovered so much!

I thought I’d share the love and let you in on the three sites that have helped me the most.

1. Photo Editing: PicMonkey

Not only are web designs expensive, but so are the programs behind them. If you don’t want to shell out for a Photoshop program and would prefer something user-friendly, I would highly suggest Pic Monkey.

I often use their online platform to edit photos, add in text or banners, or even to create a logo. It’s very easy to use, and it’s surprisingly powerful. The only downside I find is that you need to keep the  browser open to edit a photo. That means, if I’m working on a logo, I can only make changes with the browser open. Once I close it, I need to start fresh. Overall though, great program for basic editing needs!



2. Young House Love’s Blogging Tips Section

(This is their awesome book! If you’ve never heard of it, I’d highly recommend it.)

I find reading through experienced bloggers’ blog help sections incredibly helpful. It doesn’t necessarily have to be YHL, but they’re one of my favourites (and I’m clearly not alone, with all the comments they get on a daily basis!). They post on a wide variety of blog topics, from coding to how long a post actually takes to be published. I never realized how time consuming blogging truly was until I started my own…. Check out some of your favourite established blogs and see what helpful insight they might have to offer.

And the site that inspired this post…



3.  Don’t Fear the Internet: Coding Basics

Unlike, offers the possibility to design to your heart’s content. I definitely wanted this option, as my current site leaves a lot to be desired, in my opinion. However, to get what you want, you need to learn to… CODE. Eek!

Armed with only a tiny bit of html knowledge I learned a few months ago, I was not prepared to take on designing a new website with my own coding. Thankfully, I have a friend helping me out, but I want to understand the behind the scenes elements of a website myself. This site offers a great foundation and is done all through video. Seeing a visual demonstration of what coding accomplishes helped me immeasurably. Now I know things like, the difference between html and css. (You may have an idea, but I honestly was clueless until this weekend.)

This site offers a very simple and easy to understand format. Unfortunately, they have a limited selection of videos… I guess the writers behind it got busy. If you don’t have any background in coding and want to learn, I would definitely recommend checking it out.


There you are! My top three blogging help sites. Be sure to check back Wednesday for my next home project!