A Couple Quick Packing Tips

I would (unfortunately) consider myself to be a seasoned mover. Since I moved out of my parents’ home almost eight years ago, I honestly haven’t lived in one spot for more than eight months. Blame it on university and travel (and our puppy). I never rented a place while backpacking, so off it all went back into storage at my parents’ place.

Want the final count?

14. Yup, 14 moves, which averages about twice a year. I’ve been told this doesn’t make me a good tenant…

Anyway, this one will be different. I’m tired of moving. I’m settled (more or less) in my life now. I’m actually happy living in one city. Until we buy, this is looking like our home!
Here are a few of the tips I’ve picked up along the way:
1. Wrap breakables in towels or linen instead of paper. Why?
  • It’s more sustainable
  • They offer more cushioning than paper does
  • Towels need to be packed somewhere anyway
  • You don’t get newspaper ink on your fingers!

First layer:

Towel Packing 1

Top layer

Towel Packing 2

2. Try to pack with some sort of organization system. You can pack objects together in terms of where they will be in your new house, but I like to group items together from where it they were in our old one. For example, we’re moving from a two bedroom into a basic one bedroom apartment. I’m still packing everything we kept in the second bedroom together, even though they’ll be spread out around our new house. Why?
  • It makes for easier packing. Obviously.
  • More importantly however, it also helps me remember where I put things. If I can’t think of where that pair of shoes is, I can still picture what closet I had it in the last place, and search around in that closet’s box.
3. Get a ton of free moving boxes from your local grocery or veggie store. I always need more than I anticipated, and it’s annoying to spend time rushing out to get a few more. I’ve recently tried the vegetable store chain Kim’s Farm Market: so many boxes, and much cleaner and stronger than some grocery stores I’ve tried in the past.
You definitely don’t need to spend money on new boxes at Staples. Again, reuse!
4. If ever you do end up packing the odd thing in a random box (it certainly happens to me, at least when I’m losing steam at the end of a move) write it down somewhere accessible (I use my iPhone). This way, I can refer to my list when I’m on the hunt for some random object down the road!
Any strategies you’ve found especially helpful? I still have a few more boxes to go, so I’d love to hear them!
Packing Tips