Pinterest Challenge: Chevron Entry Wall

I’ve been looking forward to the Pinterest Challenge all week!

It’s given me the motivation I needed to tackle a project I’ve been contemplating for a while. You may have noticed it in my To Do List:


I’ve been obsessed with this whole home for a while, but I especially loved the entry. I knew I wanted to create a feature wall for ours, but wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to go about it. I didn’t want to buy wallpaper or a stencil (I’d rather spend my budget elsewhere) so I needed a pattern simple enough to tackle with painter’s tape. I thought about squares, diamonds, stripes… But ultimately, chevron won out. It’s only paint! I decided that if I really found it too bold, I could simply paint over it.

Here’s how we left off after I created a landing strip in our entry way:

Entry Before

(As a side note: I wouldn’t have kept that carpet in the entry anyway, but my dog literally ATE HALF OF IT. I was not impressed!)

My inspiration was a great AT House Tour, but unfortunately they don’t explain how the chevron wall was created, besides of course painter’s tape, a level and whole lot of patience!

Here’s how I did it:

Tools required:

Frog Painter’s Tape (that stuff is GOLD)

A level

A pencil

Measuring tape

Exacto knife


Paint brush

Small roller (optional)

1. Each chevron side is 1′ long. To start off, I used my level at a 45 degree angle. I then used it to trace a line, and pasted my tape along the line. I didn’t need to worry much about the length, because I could trim that off later.

2. Then, I created one strip of the zig zag from one side of the wall to the other, following the same process as above. This was the most difficult part, as from here on out, I followed this pattern. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of this part since it was definitely trial and error!

3. To do the next strip, I used the roll of tape to measure the distance I would need between the zig zag and marked it with a pencil.

Measure the distance

2. Using my pencil mark as a guide, I then traced a line using my level.


4. Following the line I traced, I pasted my frog tape.


Here’s what it looked like at this point:

Taped down

As a quick tip: It’s best to have each piece overlapping. That way, you can follow the line of the opposite piece of tape with the exacto knife instead of having to free hand your cut. For example, in this picture, I would have been better off going with slightly longer strips.

6. From there, I cut off the excess with an exacto knife, so it looked like this.


Here’s the progress!


I literally just continued that way for the entire wall. I didn’t need to worry too much about the corners lining up: as long as the tape was at the right angle and the right distance away from the previous strip, the lengths and points lined up.

7. Once all taping is finished, run down each edge of tape with a credit card to avoid air bubbles. This was a crucial step.

8. Begin painting! We (i.e. Shaun) did the first coat with a paint brush to avoid extra paint from seeping under the tape.

First coat

9. We let that one dry overnight, and tackled the next one with a small roller brush (a “whiz” if you’re curious to know the term of the trade!)

Here’s how it turned out!

Chevron wall

I’m so happy with the results! I was nervous at first… Kind of like when you dye your hair and it takes a while to get used to such a drastic change?

Chevron closeup

I am so impressed with the frog tape. It left such crisp lines!

Final Chevron

I’m so happy with the results! Eventually I’ll buy a mirror that fits the space better, but for now, I’m over the moon!

How did your Pinterest Challenge go? Did it end up leaving a mess in every other part of your house like me? I can’t wait to see them!

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Our Robin’s Egg Blue Hutch

Side note: I just wanted to take the time to send my love to those hurt in the explosions in Boston, and for the families affected… One of my closest friends is training for an Iron Man, and I keep thinking that it could have been her running if we lived in a different city. Heartbreaking. 

Shaun has quite the collection of books (I’ve grown up going to libraries instead… Why buy and store a book if you can just borrow it? Just my thoughts. I own only a few that I truly love.), so we needed a bookcase. We’ve been slogging around with a free one Shaun found at work for a while, but we decided that when we moved was as good a time as ever to get something to replace it.

We bought a hutch off Craigslist for $150 to do the job (originally 195, but we used our learned-the-hard-way bargaining skills from our travels and talked him down!). I’ve been eyeing the colourful furniture trend for a while, so I thought I would give it a try!

Blue hutch

As much as I’d love to say I played a part in this DIY, it was really all Shaun. He even scoured the internet for the piece itself. Here’s how he did it:

He started off with a 90’s dated yellow oak stain. We didn’t get the chance to snap a true before photo, but here’s one (mid-sand) to give you a good idea:

Sanded hutch

First, Shaun sanded the whole thing down with a palm sander. You could certainly do it by hand, but it was a super thick veneer, and it would take a while.


He primed the whole thing in one coat: (with a sprayer, because he’s a pro :)

image image

And gave two coats of “Lakeview” by Dulux.

Done! Here it is waiting to be organized in our living room.

New hutch


When I first laid eyes on it…

After Shaun had spent the weekend working on it…

I hated it.

I found it horribly blue and thought I was crazy for choosing it. Why hadn’t I chosen white, like I always do? I preferred the more natural, more “sophisticated”, tones in our home, that I thought the hutch was bold and childish and awful.

I pondered it, pondered it and pondered it some more… and thought I’d give it a shot. I had a tough time deciding on how to organize our books on it too. With books sprawled all around me on the floor and me staring (yet again) at our hutch, Shaun finally told me that “our place doesn’t need to look like it’s out of a catalog all the time.”

A catalog? Maybe a magazine was what he was going for? Ah anyway, I took that as a compliment. But no dear, it really does need to look like it’s “out of a catalog”. Just the way I am. (Not that it even looks magazine-worthy. Just that some thought has gone into how I decorated!)

Blue hutch front

Anyway, it took a while, but I love it! Now that I see it with my photos on the wall, it doesn’t even look like that bold a colour. It looks… pale blue actually. Just encourages me to go with even more colour as my projects continue!

It’s deep enough to store all Shaun’s DVD’s (concealed in cheap white Ikea boxes), two rows of books on each shelf:

Middle shelf 2 Top Shelf

All of Bali’s gear (not to mention our Settlers of Catan game… Yeah… I’m a big fan.) in the bottom:

Hutch Cupboard

Took me a while, but we love it. Shaun likes it because it’s functional, and I like it because it’s pretty, and functional. I’m looking forward to injecting more of that robin’s egg blue in our living room!

Hutch from the side

What about you? Any decisions you’ve been wary about at the beginning? Any steps you’ve taken out of your comfort zone that you’ve ended up loving? Hating?