What a Gem! This Week’s Five Favourites

This week has gone by so quickly! All of a sudden it seems like summer isn’t some far off notion. This weekend is going to be so warm in Vancouver… Perfect painting weather! :)

1. As if I didn’t have enough motivation to paint already, John and Sherry from Young House Love announced their Pinterest Challenge Spring Edition this week!


I love their challenges. Such a great way to share your projects and discover a ton of lovely new ideas. If you’re a blogger and haven’t heard of it, I would absolutely recommend it! Link parties are great, but these ones are a whole different level.

If I have time, maybe I’ll be able (and have enough courage!) to finally tackle painting our entry wall… Have you decided what project to work on?

2. I have been obsessed with nautical stripes ever since seeing them in Paris three years ago. I honestly have to force myself to wear other shirts besides those with blue stripes! So when I saw this, it was love at first sight.


There are so many things I love about this party design. The crisp blue and white table cloth, the warm texture in the place mat, and shots of bright gold silverware (can one call it silverware if it’s gold?). I’ve been loving the gold trend these days… Might just have to add little pops of it to our place!

3. This easy DIY could make for a nice little touch by the kitchen sink:

DishSoap (1)


I wonder how well glass decals would work on something like this?

4. The bold colours in this vignette make such a statement:


The pops of pink and orange against the white are lovely! It would to be awesome to be able to go this bold in our space, but it just isn’t in me. Maybe incorporating some elements would be a first step. What do you think?

5. Brittany from Brittany Makes literally just drew the pattern on to this pillow:


Isn’t that awesome? It opens up a whole realm of possibilities if you, like me, rarely find a modern enough fabric at your local fabric store. (Is this just a problem in Vancouver? I noticed there were tons of fabric stores in Montreal. Everything here seems so dated…)

Hope you enjoyed my gems of the week! Make sure to check back Monday for my next post :)