Our To Do List

I’m a total list lover. Cleaning to do lists, chore to do lists, teaching to do lists… I just find it easier to tackle large projects when I have it all laid out visually in front of me. So much less daunting to work on a small section rather than trying for the whole thing! Since I’m pretty obsessive over making a rental a home, creating a list of projects I want to tackle just makes sense.

Of course, since it’s a rental, each task is either transportable, (our shelves, our bench, our hutch…) or that we can at least change it back to its original state (like our paint colour). Again, my main goals for the space:

1. Create efficient storage in this small space.

2. Add style and charm to my blank slate.

Feel free to skim, or just check out my pretty inspiration photos!

House to do list

Kitchen and “Dining” (i.e. my little 7′ by 7′ kitchen nook)

  • Replace hardware
  • Add one or two new rugs (to cover up our ugly lino)
  • Paint an accent wall in the eating area
  • Make a bench and coordinating cushions
  • Hang salvaged wood shelves (check out my sneak peak)
  • Decide on artwork (if needed)
  • Create storage systems

Dana from House Tweaking has certainly inspired my colour selection for this home! I’ve been obsessed with charcoal grey for a while now, but I never thought about putting it up on the walls.


I’d like our bench to look something like this:

  • Buy an area rug
  • Buy storage boxes for our coffee table
  • Hang artwork
  • Possibly paint an accent wall
  • Make drapes and curtain rods
  • Refinish our recently purchased Craigslist hutch
  • Buy salvaged corbels or something similar for added character

I like the idea of going with a bold pattered rug like this one:



  • Replace cabinet hardware
  • Build a (removable) mirror frame
  • Replace the faucet (it’s pretty awful… Old, cheap, mismatched knobs)
  • Create a storage system for under the sink
  • Hang artwork
  • Update the light fixture?
  • Hang extra shelves?
  • Add a small bathroom rug?

My dad made a shelf like this, and I saw one a few days later on Pinterest. Such a great use of vertical space!



  • Paint or stencil an accent wall
  • Decide on art for above our headboard
  • Build nightstands
  • Full length mirror: either buy a new one or frame out our existing one

I’m thinking of stencilling behind the headboard like this one, but I’m not sure if I’ll attempt such a large expanse of wall…



  • Replace closet hardware
  • Buy a runner (I’m thinking of this one)
  • Hang artwork
  • Add a shelf or small table as a landing spot for keys and other small items
  • Create hall closet storage system (which really could take up a few bullet points in and of itself)

Here’s one of my all-time favourite house tours from Apartment Therapy. To think, hers is the same size as mine, but just looks gorgeous!


Surprising how long a list can be for a small 625 sq ft apartment… I can’t wait to cross some off! What about you? How do you go about designing a space? Mood boards, Pinterest, lists, Room Makers?