Vancouver’s Price Tag

I live in Vancouver.

VancouverHome to gorgeous mountains, ocean views and Lululemon, our city is bursting with coffee shops, yoga, and eco-friendly consumers.

lulu coffeeAn outdoor lover’s paradise, but a first time home owner’s nightmare. Or rather, an aspiring home owner. Living in this city doesn’t come cheap. Maclean’s January issue affirms that the average Vancouverite family spends 80% of their budget on their home. Pair that up with an urban couple in their twenties thinking of (even more) post secondary education and where do you end up? Renting.

Dorms, apartments, basements… the list goes on. In the meantime, I spend far too much time thinking of what I could do to a my own home: perusing real estate listings, keeping up with market news, watching and reading about reno after reno…. How I would update it? What I would add to make it functional?

Daydreaming really.

This doesn’t align with one of my core values. Living in the present and appreciating what I do have are important to me. I need to make the most of where I live now. In a rental. On a budget. In less than ideal spaces. But who’s to say that can’t work?  There are tons of renters everywhere, especially city lovers like me. I want to create a blog for those of use who don’t have the luxury of ripping out those nineties vinyl floors and outdated yellowing cabinets. I hope to share my experience of making my place my own, and learn from your stories along the way.