What a Gem! My Five Favourite Finds of the Week

Every week I have grand plans of projects I hope to accomplish on the weekend, but somehow these goals tend to be pushed aside… I see friends and family, I take Bali for a big excursion (gotta make up for the lack of backyard in this place), I have errands to take care of, I force myself to exercise… (Or let’s be honest, I end up shopping a large part of the time…) I discover so many lovely ideas and projects during the week and I thought Fridays would be the perfect opportunity to share them. Maybe it will help to motivate me, and hopefully you, to take on a project we’ve been neglecting for the last little while! 

1. This is a perfect week to start this feature because one of my (and, odds are, one of your) favourite blogs, Young House Love launched a new project this week: YHL Forums! I really have no idea how they manage to pull off all the work they do, just the two of them. Amazing really.

It’s basically a platform to discuss all your decorating and DIYing: show off what you’ve worked on, ask any questions you might have for other readers… If you know of Reddit, it basically seems like a version meant for DIY geeks like me. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about it. I can already see countless addictive hours spent there!

2. If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed my washi tape wall pin:


Such a great idea to add colour to a space you may not be allowed (or have the energy) to paint. You could really have fun with the patterns: stripes, squares or any bold geometric. I’m thinking this could be a fun and faster alternative to stencilling my front entrance wall. We’ll see…

3. I’m loving the look of this rustic wood table:


If I had the space for it, I think this could make an awesome DIY! You could follow the same idea I used on our salvaged wood shelves, but of course on a much larger scale.

4. Lately I’ve read a few different articles highlighting the idea of taking off cabinet doors to refresh your kitchen. This one’s from BHG.


This is great for renters as it can lighten up your space without having to make too challenging or permanent a change. I didn’t think ours needed it because of the shelves we installed, but I think it could easily help in an ugly dated kitchen. Especially with some pretty paper lining the back…

5. And to finish on a high note for renters:

Kate from Centsational Girl published her latest article in her Solutions for Renters series yesterday. This time, she’s focusing on the bathroom.


(I mean really, anything you can do to help out that super dated yellow sink? I’m all ears.)

I was especially happy to see this one pop up on my wordpress reader today as I’ve been brainstorming ways to cheer up our beige/pink bathroom once the ceiling is fixed. (You can read more about that little issue here.) I’ll definitely be looking to this article for inspiration!

Hopefully this motivates you as much as it does for me. Feel free to share any projects you’re working on, and make sure to come back Monday to see what I’ve been up to!